This site is dedicated to exposing scams and helping people avoid scams.  I offer advice on  how to get out of a scam if they have been caught in one.

Digital Life

Most everybody has some aspect of their life that is digital.  Those who are 30 years old, you might not have memory when you were not digitally attached.  As we grow more dependent, any disruption becomes a major issue.

Online Dating

This site is purposed to making our digital lives safer, with a focus on the online dating and protecting against scams.  People can be most vulnerable when seeking a mate, be it for life, or something shorter.

As long as there has been society and people, there have been those wishing to take advantage of another person.  In a sense, nothing has changed.  There are no new scams, only new ways of delivering them.  The Romance scam where someone is scammed out of money from somebody the met online, is simply a new twist on a very old Confidence scam.  Build trust, get the mark to lend or give money, then disappear.

Spending more time on Social Skills would be better

I have nothing against ethically run dating sites or apps.  However, the ratio of men to women on online dating sites and apps make it an up hill battle for men.  Ten to one (10:1) ratios are common. The Washington Post reported that women comprised of 2% in sites worldwide.  For this reason, I encourage men to develop their social skills with a specific focus on making themselves attractive to women.

How does this relate to Online Safety?   Simple.  By having the skills to attract women, you don’t need an online dating app or site.   If you are lucky enough to actually meet and arrange a date,  then what?   Great social skills will be needed sooner or later.


I will focus on the practical matters, without moralizing about a person’s preference between long term relationships, hook-ups, or sexual preferences.   I encourage all comments, but might have trouble hearing something that doesn’t follow this primary guideline.  Any comment that is abusive of someones preferences, will be removed.

Safety needs to be built in to how we behave online

When something is unfamiliar, or seems out of place, we should by nature proceed with caution.  This should be no different that if you came home, and your front door was open.  The reality is that we don’t feel that sense of danger when we are online, and don’t always proceed with caution.

I hope to make “proceed with caution” built in to our digital life.

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Ronin Eternales

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