Secrets for Attracting Women

Chances are you found this site because you were checking out someone you met online.

Good for you. That’s a smart thing to do.

How is online dating working for you?

Be honest.

If you are like most men, its a frustrating experience.

Once you weed thru fakes and scams, what you have left is a 6:1, 10:1 and even 20:1 men to women ratio.  Then there is the matter of 10 year old pictures – what you see is not what you get.   By the way,  It doesn’t matter whether you are on Craigslist, Tinder, or, etc., the challenges are the same.
On all of these forums,  attractive women get bombarded.  Unless you really stand out, you will never hear back (from a real person).

Would you like to change that?    Then Read on.

Not sure?  Here are some things to ask yourself…

Do you know, I mean really know what creates that irresistible feeling of attraction in a woman? (If you said to yourself money, or Brad Pit looks, you would be wrong.)

Are you puzzled by the fact that good women often seem to be with jerks?  Would you like to know why? 

Does the mere THOUGHT of approaching a woman make you NERVOUS?

Have you ever heard, “Let’s Just Be Friends” from a woman you really wanted?

If you had trouble with any of those questions, Then  there is a whole new world for you, just waiting for you to take action now.

Following is a guide that will help you on your new journey.  These are the David Deangelo Double Your Dating products that I feel will get you where you want to be.

I have organized them to help you know where to to start and how to progress.  Getting starting isn’t expensive, the e-books will cost you less than a lunch date.  BTW, ALL products come with a risk-free, 7 day money back trial.  What have you got to lose? 

David Deangelo/Double Your Dating is an affiliate partner of Ronin Eternales.  A small portion of your purchase will go to supporting this site, at no cost to  you.

Now, lets get started…


Start here, with one or both of these e-books, depending on your style of learning.

Attraction is Not a Choice

As yourself honestly…  Do you know these things, and the reason they are true?

ATTRACTION isn’t a choice. It’s an emotional reaction.

Attraction isn’t concerned with you, her, or love. It’s evolved over a looong period of time, and it has a purpose…

ATTRACTION is nature’s way of taking over our minds and bodies

long enough to make sure

that we mate with someone with the best possible genes.

Its not logical, in the sense that ATTRACTION isn’t created by things that “should” create it.

Buying women dinner and gifts, giving lots of compliments when you first meet a woman, and kissing up to women to get their approval are examples of “logical” things that SHOULD create attraction… but the truth is, they don’t work.

When you understand how attraction works, you will see that Attraction has a “logic” all its own.

If you really want to understand, once and for all, how attractions really works… check out David’s ebook: Attraction Isn’t A Choice, RISK FREE today.


Double your Dating

The exact steps and specific directions to help you become more successful with women and dating – and you don’t have to be rich or handsome to do it. This is very much a how-to book, that covers:

5 things you can do in the crucial first 10 minutes with a woman that instantly let her know you’re “in her league” and let her know you’re a “rare catch”.

How to give a woman that feeling of “I have to have him” without being, rich, famous, or good looking.

A proven exercise to develop a stone-cold, unshakable confidence that allows you to approach a woman in any situation.

How and why women TEST men… plus… a fantastic way to effortlessly pass every test she throws at you

How to avoid ending up in the friend zone.


Critical Skills 

Body Language

Body Language is the critical skill that can make or break attraction. If you “get it” you will attract women without ever talking or approaching them. If you have the wrong body language, you will continually be frustrated by women’s lack of interest, no matter what you do or how good looking you are. Here is a small taste of what you will learn:

The 6 CRITICAL body language “signals” that are absolutely crucial to attraction (Skip just one of these, and she’ll get the vibe that “something isn’t right”)

How to use your BODY and VOICE to signal a woman’s “sexual selection

mechanism” that you are her type… even if she’s never been attracted to a man like you before

The secret technique “naturals” use to make any woman want to have a conversation. (If you only learn 1 thing from this program, this one will get results NOW)

The subconscious mating dance between a man and a woman in every social interaction (you can literally “lead” a woman through the process of and have success)

How to use body language to make up for a lack of interesting things to talk about and drive a woman to feel attraction for you without any conversation whatsoever

The body language “secret” you can use in the first 30 seconds with a woman to spark attraction



Meeting Women Online

It not a mistake that this product is farther down the list in this guide. That’s because, if you don’t have the other stuff handled, online skill just won’t matter. But if you feel you do have all that handled, or just want to immerse yourself, then read on.

This is very much a how to, step-by-step guide. Here are some of the key things you will learn

A profile turbocharger that makes you stand out (word-for-word descriptions you can practically cut and paste to improve your success online)

How to use Cocky Comedy to create emails that are difficult to not respond to and specific phrases to weave into your profile that almost force a woman to write

A behind-the-scenes look at what REALLY goes on in a sexy woman’s online mailbox (Prepare to be shocked and amused)

A complete profile evaluation – We’ll go through the good, the bad, and the ugly… and show you the simple secrets that can improve your profile DRAMATICALLY… section by section

The 1 fact a man should NEVER reveal about himself online (All sites feature this as one of their “standard” questions… so you better know what it is)



Advanced Dating Techniques

This course is an In-Depth Education In Female Psychology & Attraction PLUS Bootcamp Techniques To Impress And Date Any Woman, Any Time. This advanced course will take more of your time and commitment. It starts with a look at your self, making your inner game, your inner voice, as good as it can be. Here are a few of the things you will learn

How to create sexual tension that not only turns a woman on – it leads her to think about you long after you’re gone.

A simple exercise to help eliminate the fears that are holding you back from success with women.

How to reboot your internal state and build new, powerful confidence that women will notice.

The 20 traits of guys who are “naturals” with women… and how to bring out your natural ability to attract women faster than you ever thought possible.

The 19 qualities of sexually attractive men, including specific, word-for-word ways to demonstrate that you are one (Do just 2 or 3 of these things and you’re in).

Training Wheels for meeting women… different types of props, stunts, etc. that will help start and maintain interesting conversations with women in ANY situation


Have a question? Send me a note or enter a comment below,

I will do my best to help.   Thank you for supporting this site.

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  • Alejandro

    December 5, 2016 - 10:55 am

    There is this girl I am really in to. We sometime go to lunch or cafe and sometimes at after work gatherings. We always have a good time. I want to date her but she says solo amigos. Do you think one of these programes will help change her mind?

    • Ronin Eternales

      December 6, 2016 - 6:22 am

      I really feel for anyone in this spot.

      The answer is that it very difficult, but It isn’t impossible. You really have nothing lose, so you should give it a shot, but I want to be honest and say that the odds are not in your favor.

      Sexual attraction was broken somewhere along the way. To go from Friends to Lovers, you will need to take steps to make her see you as a sexual presence.

      The first thing you should do, is to become much less available. Stop the lunches, stop the coffee. This is even more important if she is using these meetings to talk about some guy, or some jerk at work. In other words, you are one of her “girlfriends”.

      I recommend that you get the Attraction is not a Choice eBook. This will give you the knowledge of how Attraction is created, and inform you the mistakes you made along the way.

      This question deserves a more throrough answer, which you can find here:

      Good Luck

  • Mark from Ohio

    November 30, 2016 - 3:54 pm

    This is all fine. Is this about being a pickup artist? I dont think that’s for me.

    • Ronin Eternales

      November 30, 2016 - 4:33 pm

      That’s a fair question. Sometimes the differences between attraction and seduction, and pick-up artist are blurred.

      No it’s not about being a pick-up Artist.

      If anyone goes at this thinking there are some magic phases that will get you laid you are on the wrong path.

      It’s about how you behave around beautiful women so that they find you attractive. Just as important it is about changing you for the better. Yes there is a wealth of tactical information in the materials but the real gold is the personal growth that can come from it.

      Thank you for the question.

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