Is it a Scam?

Glass Cams,  also known as is a cam web site owned by Friend Finder Network (FFN).   FFN has many sites such as,, and as well as many adult themed websites like and  Here is a review and what you need to know…

Is Glasscams legitimate?

The best I can tell, is legitimate for what it offers.   It is pretty obvious what you get, and nothing hidden or deceptive about the site.   However, you could be  scammed in to signing up.


Before we get to the scam,  this is important…

In October 2016, FFN websites were breached exposing 412 million records.  This was  the largest data breach in 2016.

In 2015, Adultfriendfinder had a security breach that exposed 3.9 million customer records.

Experts believe that if you were a member of any of the Friend Finder Network properties, your data was probably exposed.   This data included usernames, passwords, email, and IP addresses.   The cyber-security community generally thinks that FFN was extremely negligent in the second breach.

Here is an in-depth article from tech crunch

FriendFinder Networks hack reportedly exposed over 412 million accounts

Aside from the hacks, what’s the scam?

The scam is the way the girls get you to sign up.    A young women posts on a dating site and pretends to be offering companionship for a price.   Posts have been found on Craigslist, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder.  She might be posing as an escort, or just someone who is screening potential dates.

Your “date” provides contact information – frequently this is done by encoding her phone number in the post or on a picture.   When you contact the girl via text message, she gives you a personal website for her information.   The catch is that before you meet her, you need to sign-up to and purchase credits (tokens) so that she knows you are serious.

The “Models Wanted” link on the site reveals the incentive.  The cam girl will receive 100% of the proceeds for the first 6 months of any new visitor she brings to the site.  There is also a residuals program.   The payment can be much less if the customer was not someone the girl brought to the site.

Apparently this has been going on for some time.  A google search reveals the same scam being reported on TER 2 years ago.


If you find a girl pretending to be an escort who wants you to sign up to glass cams  or any any cam site then just move on.  You are not going to meet this person.  After review of the overall situation, it cannot be said that Friend Finder Networks is trying to scam you, nor could you  say that is a scam.  Friend Finder Network could post a warning when you sign up about this situation.  After all, that would be the friendly thing to do.  😉

The Cam Girls

There are an unknown number of women who are using this tactic.   The most prolific seems to be “Brook”.  You can read about her in the article Brook: A Scam by Any Other Name.   She goes by many names, and changes her name, website, and phone number regularly.  Based on reader feedback, I think there are some copy cats as well.

Another prolific scammer is “Kelly” Read about here in the article: Kelly Starr Cam Girl

Here is a list of them with whatever information I have been able to gather.  If you run in to one of these girls, please post a comment below to help keep track of them.  This will help others keep up with these very busy scammers.


  • Brook Loreno
  • Brianna Love
  • Brook Montana
  • Brook Miller
  • Brooklyn Miller
  • Brook Moreno
  • Brook Lynn
  • Brook Marx
  • Kelly Starr
  • Bri Milton
  • Brooklyn Lee
  • Brook Peyton
  • Brianna mills
  • Sammi Cinna
  • Miss Payton
  • Miss Brianna
  • Brianna Watson

Contact numbers

  • 206-208-0606
  • 209-518-5818
  • 210-710-1576
  • 210-984-2278
  • 214-457-0288
  • 214-617-8580
  • 262-208-0606
  • 262-388-7181
  • 262-388-8756
  • 312-399-4474
  • 312-508-0054
  • 312-933-4845
  • 414-722-0461
  • 813-344-3621
  • 920-809-1096
  • 210-710-1576
  • 920-570-8380



You Can Help Identify the Scammers

If you found this site be researching someone you met online, good for you. If the person you were researching is not in the above list, you can help by leaving a comment below.   Please include:

  • Name that the cam girl is using
  • The cam girl personal website
  • Where you met the scammer (example: Tinder, PoF, Craigslist Denver is fine, but please no craigslist URL’s).

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